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Welcome to see the mountain people
Small store activities
【1】 4.9, discounts and fullness can enjoy both~~
【2】 New users focus on the first order of the store 【Decreases】
【3】 Order 399 less 20, 599 less 50, 799 less 70, 999! ~~
【4】 ❤ 【Fan welfare】 Fans 5 star praises the store 's repurchase 【Decreases】
【Note】 2007-09-12 09:00:00:00:00)
You need to buy many pieces of water. Please separate order, otherwise, the superwood doesn 't come out
Water and water that need to be purchased in large quantities, please consult your customer service for a discount
Available: The goods will not be shipped immediately after we send them out, because we need to send it to the international logistics transit center first, they will show shipments after they have finished scanning the goods, please pat with caution
Out of stock: If unfortunately the breakout will talk to the notice if any questions are welcome to talk to you oh~the price-for-money ratio is very high, many are cost-price is selling, cost-effective, child abusers
🧸 【Customer service time】
- monday to friday 9am-10pm
- saturday、 sunday 10am-9pm
⚠️ 【Points of note】
- unable to specify the date of shipment
- any questions on commodities please talk to us directly for the evaluation cannot be handled
- please open the box please keep the original packaged goods short of or damaged to assist in the return of goods
Thank you, love you
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