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Pleasant milk and water are welcome to Qi Meiqi Clothes Shop , Store focused on female fashion , New products are constantly being produced , New every day , And there 's all video oh ~
The clothes that are merry and merchantable are carefully chosen , If you like our products , Remember to focus on us ! What , Love You Oh ~ ~
Do not communicate with 1 4 stars . You can have a personal conversation on any question advice .
The merchandise shipment time is 72 hours . Because of cross border sellers , Transit Center scanning package information will be uploaded to shrimp skin auction
If you need to cancel your order , Please contact us in time within 24 hours ( Orders can 't be cancelled in logistics delivery . )
the wholesale price of the merry merchant , Price is affordable , You can get a direct subscription
Supporting the return of goods , If the quality is in question , you can apply for a return of the goods . The thread , button the eye not open , Screen color difference , slightly offline , Very little stain , Dimensions 1 3 cm error , in international standards for inspection of goods is acceptable , Neither is a flaw !
Getting down to the mishap ( buy a wrong one 、 I 'm wrong 、 ( I don 't like it . Wait for the reason of return , Please excuse me .
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