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We are glad to be of service to you
❤ 【Activity I】 Full of 299, shrimp skin designated shopper ❤
❤ 【Activity II】 Collection Coupon Order: 299% 10, 499% 20, 899%, 1299 Discount 50 ❤
❤ 【Activity III】 All single map + Five stars praise, purchase of Business ❤
❤ 【Focus on the welfare of the】 Merry and merchant merrily merkel sterilizer to obtain 20 coupon. ❤
Supermarket、 residential distribution (Black Cat) Cash on delivery (C/petty)。
Getting off the list-Inside, usually-it's a gentleman.
Transportation: The seller sends shrimps to merchants and carries black cats.
Emergency、 not taking pieces、 perfectionists, it is forbidden to place an order.
Problems with receiving parcels, don't comment directly, please talk about the mishap first, we'll give you a satisfactory mishap.
Chatting on line time: 9: 00-23: 00。
Welcome consultation, we'll go ahead and have to go, thanksgiving
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